4.0 Sided Facts About Despair In America

Governance Fact: Deaths of despair have more than doubled in the last 20 years. link

Abundance Fact: Alcohol sales are up significantly since 2012. link 

Thrift Fact: 19 Million households are in need of food stamps (SNAP). link

Commerce Fact: Gallup estimated in 2013 that unhappy workers are costing companies $500B is lost productivity. link

Conclusion: If we always do what we’ve always done, then we’ll never end involuntary poverty. No one seems to have a plan other than ore of the same-old same-old solutions that don’t work.

4.0 Numbers about Despair 

Thrift Fact: The first and second quintile of earners have negative savings rates, and third quintile is barely positive. chart

Commerce Fact: Most Americans can’t cover a $1000 emergency. Link

Governance Fact: Between 2009 and 2018 the rate of diagnosis of diseases of despair skyrocketed between 37% and 287% percent. link

Abundance Fact: US Aggregate wealth for the lowest 2/3rd of society has dropped significantly since 1983. link

Conclusion: With demonstrations and now violence on both side of the outdated political spectrum, we need to go beyond Conservative versus Liberal, and find new Civil Majority solutions that a majority of each of the four sides of the table can support.

4.0 Facts about Wealth in America

Governance Fact: The US Gross Domestic Product, all goods and services sold in America in 2019 was almost $22 Trillion Dollars. link

Abundance Fact : The total wealth in the US as of 2019 is $107 Trillion. link The total wealth on the world in 2019 is $360 Trillion. link The US holds about 30%

 Commerce Fact: World GDP is about $88 Trillion. link

 Thrift Fact: The M2 Money supply, essentially money in savings, is over $18T, and has quadrupled in the past 20 years. link

Conclusion: We are a spectacularly rich nation. Our people, not so much.

4.0 Facts about Cost of Living

Abundance: The Living Annual Wage for a single person in the US is roughly between $25k and $32k a year depending on geographic region. link

Thrift: Living on a budget can save a lot of money, but that doesn’t help create jobs or increase the quality of jobs. link

Commerce: Thirty of the 50 States have minimum wages higher than the Federal $7.25 per hour. link

Governance: Generally speaking Inflation rates over twenty years show that wages have outgrown all other segments except healthcare, higher education, childcare, and housing in hot markets which are all four serious problems. link

Conclusion: The country’s economy varies greatly from State to State and industry to industry. Inflation in healthcare costs are an especially severe problem as it eats up much of any wage growth there has been for the lower three quintiles.


4.0 Facts :: #whatfour

Abundance: We’re so wealthy as a nation we waste way more money trying to treat the symptoms of poverty than to just eliminate them in the first place. Some estimate the cost of Poverty alone to be $1.1T. link #whatfour

Commerce: We can’t compete in many markets because other countries have cheaper raw material costs, lower labor costs, and State supported industries, so our current solution is to try and negotiate with 200 other countries over an infinite amount of good and services. Then we don’t support our own industries and workers for essential industries and services. The trade deficit is only getting bigger. link #whatfour

Thrift: Job Quality has been steeply declining since the 1990’s. link
60% of workers are in bad or mediocre jobs. link #whatfour

Governance: By far the richest country on the planet, the United States ranks only 15th in the World in the Quality of Life rankings. link #whatfour

Conclusion: What can a majority of each of the four sides of the political table support?


4.0 Facts about Quality of Life

Abundance: The US ranks 2nd among all the other nations on the Purchasing Power Index. link

Thrift: The US ranks 63rd among all the other nations on the Cost of Living Index. link

Commerce: The US ranks 4th for affordable housing in the world based on Property Price to Income Ratio. link

Governance: The US ranks 61st on Safety for its citizens. link

Conclusion: Why is the US ranking 61st out of 200 countries on safety for its citizens acceptable?